Ok, now the guitar is back in Doc's lab. Here is a sneak peak of what he discovered.


Here is the box it was shipped in back to Denver.


Here is the box opened. Look at that packing job. I bet FedEx would have a hard time explaining if something broke here.


Haaa, There it is. All that needs to be done is assembly.


Check out that neck! Very nice masking & paint job. Thanx again Brad!


Here is what it would look like before all the hardware is installed.

Click here for a Before and After Paint job.

Ok, now Doc started putting on all the hardware. Here is what he did. (2-1-02)


Here Doc installed all the hardware, Nut, Trem, Tuners and Pot


Here Doc installed the pickup already.


Here is a closeup of the headstock with the tuners and nut.


Click HERE for an EXTREME Close up of the body.